Wedding planning is a new experience for most couples- a time filled with anticipation and excitement as you envision the day you will exchange vows and celebrate with your friends and family. Amidst the process, it is common for a time to come when you will look to make specific decisions that make your day feel personal to you. While color palettes, decor styles, and venue choices play pivotal roles in personalization, there are also other ways to add personal touches that will delight both you and your guests.  

Read on to learn about the different additions available with our all-inclusive packages, and how you can use them to tailor your wedding day and leave a lasting impression for everyone involved. 

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Pre-Ceremony Welcome Drinks

 While an open bar is always a hit at weddings, imagine the delight of your guests while they sip on refreshing beverages before the ceremony even begins. Typically, bar service begins after the ceremony ends, but offering “Welcome Drinks” upon arrival sets a warm and inviting tone for the wedding right from the start. 

“Welcome Drinks” also serves as a wonderful opportunity to let guests mingle and interact with each other before the start of the main event. Letting your guests have the space and time to interact before the ceremony is especially beneficial to anyone who may not know other attendees, helping to break the ice and encourage mingling.  

Ideas for refreshing “Welcome Drinks” destined to be popular include:  

  • Champagne Welcome Wall 
  • Sangria Station  
  • Infused Water Station  

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Signature Cocktails

Keep the spirits high throughout the evening with Signature Cocktails at the bar. While our all-inclusive packages provide a selection of beverages, including beer, wine, liquors, and mixers, the addition of Signature Cocktails adds a personalized touch to your celebration.   

For couples wanting a specific cocktail recipe on their bar or designated “His” and “Her” drinks, we love discussing recipe and name ideas to be able to provide a drink that fits the wedding and will be popular with their guests as well.  

Whether it is incorporating ingredients that hold special meaning to you and your partner, or customizing the presentation to match your wedding theme, we will work closely with you to enhance your bar menu and personalize it for the day.  

Some of our favorite Signature Cocktail ideas include:  

  • Espresso Martinis 
  • Palomas  
  • Flavored Mojitos  
  • Spicy Margaritas  
  • Moscow Mules  

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Late Night Bites

As the evening progresses and the dance floor heats up, treat your guests to a delicious surprise with Late Night Bites. Served around one hour to two hours before the end of the reception, these savory snacks provide a much-needed energy boost, keeping the festivities alive until the last dance.  

Whether it is comfort food favorites, mini versions of popular dishes, or creative snacks, there is a wide range of options to suit different tastes and preferences.  

Indulge in our in-house Late Night Bite options such as:  

  • Pretzel Station  
  • S’mores Station 
  • Dessert Display 
  • Old-Fashioned Popcorn Bar  
  • Slider Station  
  • Taco Bar  
  • Chips & Dip 

Games & Activities

Incorporating lawn games or fun outdoor activities is another great way to enhance your guest’s experience!  Perfect for outdoor cocktail hours or casual reception moments, the games are great for all ages, encouraging guest interaction and ensuring that everyone feels included and engaged in the festivities.  

Additionally, incorporating lawn games allows you to make full use of your venue’s outdoor space even if the rest of the reception takes place inside!  

Interactive Photo Booth

Another great option to enhance guest experience in the night is including an interactive photo booth in the reception space! An interactive photo booth adds an element of fun and spontaneity to your reception, capturing special memories for both you and your guests. Our team handles the setup, and then makes sure that every photo from the wedding is sent to you a couple after the event!  

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Cigar Bar

Lastly, an alternative idea to adding more drinks or food to your night is providing a Cigar Bar and smoking area outside of the venue for your guests to enjoy. Adding a Cigar Bar gives a touch of luxury and elegance to your wedding reception, while also giving your guests an activity for when they want to take a break from the dancing and slow down to socialize more.  

We hope these fun ideas inspire you to add an individualized touch to your day. No wedding day is ever alike, and we believe these different ideas can really help elevate your event and make it unforgettable for your guests.  

Contact us today and learn about how you can make your all-inclusive day personal to you! 


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